Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 19, Homer, Alaska


So this week has been pretty awesome. The biggest news that I have is
that I will yet again be moving. I'm heading back up to Anchorage,
this time on the north side, to serve in the Inlet View ward. Inlet
View covers downtown Anchorage and is one of the fastest moving wards
in the mission. I'm super excited to serve there. This will be my
fourth area, and Elder Schurtz will be my 9th companion. Exciting

I general, this has been a great week. It's nice when you leave on a
great week. Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with Annette and we
talked about about a lot of things, but at the end we invited her to
be baptized on November 12th, and she accepted. Too bad I won't be
here. On Thursday we met with our homie dog Robin and invited him to
be baptized as well. Why is it that areas always start pumping out the
work when I leave them? It's rough.

We had some other crazy experiences this week. One of the big ones is
that it's snowing right now. It started up last night and it hasn't
stopped much since then. I don't think it will last too long, it's
supposed to warm up again later in the week, but winter is on us now.
I love the winter. It's getting dark now too. I'm kind of sad that I
don't get to go back to Fairbanks for the winter, but Anchorage in the
winter is fun too. Lots of ice.

We were able to teach several people this week, and I got to say
goodbye to a lot of people once I learned I'm leaving. I love this
ward, they're such weirdos and it's the best. This is definitely one
of the places I'm going to come back and visit. Also, if anyone wants
a job working on a fishing boat next summer I can try and hook you up.

Next time I email you I'll be in Anchorage. Have a good week everybody!

Elder John Miller

It's snowing

Mama Dee

Greg and Nicole

Elder Freestone, Elder Allen, Elder Miller

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