Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 17, Homer, Alaska


This week has been crazy. The biggest news is that I now have a second
companion and am in a trio down here in Homer. Elder Allen, the new
guy, is awesome. He's been on his mission for 21 months, so he's
pretty trunky. But he's a really good missionary, so that's nice.

We picked him up on Tuesday afternoon and went to a super scary
lesson, that we thought was going to be a brutal Bible bash (look at
that alliteration) but Elder Allen went in, totally diffused this guy,
answered some questions, and we turned it from a hostile situation
into a Gospel discussion where the Spirit could actually be present.
It was sweet. After that we went to a less active who we told to come
to church. It was a bold day and a pretty bold week. Now we have a new
investigator and a returning less active. That's what's up.

Wednesday we got our investigator George to actually progress which
was super cool. The power of the trio is real. Thursday we had our
last trainer trainee meeting, and again PVC was completely useless.
Good times at meetings with your mission president. Then we went and
did a lot of wood stacking. I love splitting wood, but stacking wood
is the bane of my existence. I love service though, so it was all
good, I only got a little cranky.

Friday we had zone meeting and then I went with Elder McKraken on
exchange in Sterling. It was one of the better exchanges I've ever
had. We went to this party for a few returned missionaries as a
finding activity, and we actually found people. It was super cool. A
guy named Warren came up to us and asked for a Book of Mormon, and
after giving it to him and explaining what it was we invited him to
church, which he came to a few days later. It was awesome.  Good

Saturday, after exchanging back, we did another service project and
taught another lesson. Then on Sunday two investigators came to church
and we helped Bruce to start progressing too. So this week was pretty
dang awesome.

Transfer calls are this Friday so we will see what will be happening
for the next six weeks. I'll let you know on Monday. Peace out y'all!

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