Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 2 in Homer, Alaska!


It's been a crazy week up here in the AK, but it's been a lot of fun.
There's a lot of service to do here in Homer, I think we're in service
clothes almost every day of the week. It's a good work out for sure.
From digging ditches to putting up greenhouses to working in community
thrift stores, there's always something to do. It has certainly been a
lot of fun.

This Tuesday we had perhaps the most ghetto district meeting of all
time. Our district is spread out so we have to use PVC(public video
conference) to have district meetings. Well, our PVC connection was
down, so we had to improvise. We Facetimed one set of elders on Elder
Contreras iPad and the other set on my iPad. The connection was
terrible so people were cutting in and out all the time. Then my iPad
died. So we ended it on the phone. The best part was that President
Robinson was there with us. Fun times.

We've actually been doing a lot of teaching in this area and it's been
really fun. Teaching is good. There are a few progressing
investigators, but I am still trying to get to know everybody, so I'll
update you on all the people later. The people here are awesome
though, they really are. The problem is, most of the people we teach
are willing to listen but they aren't willing to change. So we got to
keep going out and finding more.

This week we also had a zone conference in Soldotna, which is a 170
mile round trip. So we road tripped pretty good this week. It is so
hard to use a conservative amount of miles here. This area is too

Elder Contreras is awesome. He's probably my craziest companion so far
and it's been a lot of fun for the past two weeks. We'll see what the
future holds. Alright everyone, have a good week! Next week I might be
fishing, if I am, that's why I don't email you back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Week in Homer, Alaska


This week has been pretty crazy. I got to Homer last Tuesday and let
me tell you, this is the promised land. It's incredible here. The
ocean is right here, there's volcanoes across the way, everything is
vibrant and green and beautiful, and the people are hilarious. It's a
drinking town with a fishing problem as they say. Look it up. It's
seriously amazing. 
If you're going to visit Alaska at some point in
your life, visit Homer. It's the bomb.

My new companion, Elder Contreras, is a pretty cool guy as well. It's
been a lot of fun so far, but there's not many investigators here. The
fun part is that because it's tourist season cruise ships come in and
drop people off so there's plenty of people to talk to. There's a
place called the Homer Spit that is basically a five mile long jut out
into the ocean that has docks all around it and some restaurants and
tourist shops on it. So we go down there and talk to people all day
long. We have a huge area, we drive a lot to get to different parts.
We cover Anchor Point, a small town, Ninilchik, a village, and three
Russian villages who's names I can't spell. And it would be offensive
if I tried. So that's my life right now. There's no other missionaries
even remotely close to us so p day is just me and my companion, who is
currently taking a nap. Sleep is good. I'll probably take a nap too.

Everyone in this town is crazy, especially the members. This is what
they call "True Alaska" as opposed to the cities like Anchorage or
Fairbanks. So the people here are very stereotypical Alaskans that you
would see on TV shows. But those shows don't give any credit to the
people here. They're amazing and hilarious and actually really good
people. And they all hate the TV shows made about them. They think
that it brings more people out here, and that's exactly what they
don't want.

So all in all life is great. Getting into a new area is always
stressful, but it's definitely fun and exciting. We do a lot of
service here which is pretty cool, cause we didn't do much of it in
Anchorage. So that's nice too. Life is awesome. Stay gold. Have a good

Elder Miller

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 42, Anchorage, Alaska Mission


So the big news this week is that I'm getting transferred! After
spending 26 weeks here in Cook Inlet I'm heading off to Homer! That's
on the southern tip of the Kenai peninsula. That's deep bush right
there. It's also a tourist town, which is going to be pretty fun. I
can get everyone Salty Dog hoodies if they send me money, just saying.
My new companion is going to be Elder Contreras. I'm super excited,
this is so cool. I'm also going to be the district leader, which is
less exciting, but it will be fun. My district is all over 150 miles
from me. So that will be nuts. District meeting will be over PVC,
which is going to be weird.

So let me tell you about Eve. She's the best. She read the entire Book
of Mormon. In a week. That's crazy. We've taught her a few lessons and
she's on date for baptism. That's awesome! But now I won't be here for
it which is really sad. Dang it life.

Now I must go, but have a great week everybody! I love you all. See
you next week! Well, not really, but you get me.

Elder Miller

Eating Pie with President Robinson 

Elder Call, Elder Miller, and a senior couple 

Getting nose hairs waxed 

Eating pie with President Robinson

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 26 in Anchorage/ Cook Inlet YSA

I've spent 26 weeks so far in this area. Transfer calls are this
Friday so I'll let you know next week what's going on. I don't know
what I want to happen at this point. I love this ward and the people
here and the work is going really well, so that probably means I'm due
to leave. That's okay though! Life is exciting as a missionary no
matter where you are. But if I don't stay, I hope I go somewhere
crazy. But we'll see what happens.

I would love to send you pictures of the baptism this week, but I
can't. Mainly because there was no baptism. We rescheduled Marc's
baptism for the 25th of June, so if I get transferred out to somewhere
not in Anchorage I won't get to be there. Jackson's is on the 2nd of
July now, so I won't get to see that one either. Dang it. These people
have come so far and I absolutely love them, I wish I could see them
take that step in following the Savior. But the important thing is
that they're doing it. I don't need to be here for that.

Jackson is the best investigator ever. This week he started sharing
the Gospel with his family and friends, and recently gave us two
referrals. That's awesome. He's also the funniest person ever. He
challenged me last week to a fancy-suit-off last week, so I destroyed
him. It was awesome. He's told us that after he's baptized his goal is
to find a Mormon wife, move to Utah, and have 82 kids. He already
knows the drill.

Other weekly highlights include: We had a sweet temple trip, Elder
Call and I had our last trainer-trainee meeting, I ate way too many
bowls of crunch berries (the cereal), all the departing missionaries
are getting really trunky, and we had a lot of scary times with bees.

Despite all the craziness this week turned out pretty awesome.
Hopefully yours did too. And hopefully this one does too.