Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Inlet View Ward, Anchorage, Alaska, Week 5


One of the pictures from last year when Elder Miller was in Anchorage.  

This is one of the investigators Elder Miller taught while he was in Homer.  She was just baptized by his previous companion, Elder Freestone.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Inlet View Ward, Anchorage, Alaska, Week 4


Well it snowed again last night, so the world is once again a winter
wonderland. At least for the next day or so before it all probably
melts. Welcome to Anchorage. This week was suitably crazy like the
rest of them, but it was way too clogged with meetings for my liking.

Tuesday we were preparing for our missionary leadership council (MLC)
training. We spent probably three hours that day working on trainings,
writing, and rewriting at least three different ideas. Then the APs
called us and told us that we didn't have to give a training because
we were going to goto the temple instead. Elder Shurtz actually leapt
for joy ND then teared up because he didn't have to give a training.
He is so done being a zone leader it's hilarious.

Wednesday we went on our MLC temple trip and it was amazing. Then MLC
was incredibly long and I had to fight hard to not fall asleep. It was
a very powerful meeting, I just have difficulty sitting for 7 and a
half hours in a row. After MLC we went to Tome Kilionas for dinner.
He's a big, crazy Samoan recent convert and he's super funny. Samoans
know how to feed you man. I'm still full from that meal. Then that
night we went OYMing and no one was outside until it was almost time
to go in, at which point we got twelve oyms. It was crazy.

Thursday and Friday we had zone meeting and exchanges. But now I'm out
of time for emailing which is rough cause there were fun stories to
tell. But they will wait for next week. I love you guys, have a great
week. That's my plan anyways. Peace,

Elder John Miller

MLC-Mission Leadership Conferenc
OYM-Open Your Mouth

The best exchang

Mission Leadership Conference Temple Trip

The snow is real