Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, October 24, 2016

Inlet View Ward, Anchorage, Week 1


Hey gang sorry this is so late. It's not going to be much tonight.
We've been running around all day. So the Inlet View area covers all
of downtown and midtown Anchorage which has 90% of the homeless
population of the city. We do a lot of work with the homeless and
poor, and it's the best. The work is great here, we have an
investigator who is getting baptized in March and the ward is on top
of their missionary efforts. It's an awesome place. Everyone who
serves here develops some kid of disease or disorder, so I'm excited
to see what I get. Sorry this email is so short, I'll do better next
week. Love you guys.

Elder John Miller

Making snow boots for the homeless

Downtown Anchorage

Downtown Anchorage

Elder Schurtz and Elder Miller

The Chili Cook-off Band

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