Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, October 31, 2016

Inlet View Ward, Anchorage, Alaska, Week 3

Malo se  fua

That's Samoan for hello.
I think.
Anyways, this week was nuts, which at this point I think is normal.
But now that I don't seem to ever have time to write my group email I
will try and update you as quickly as possible.

The homeless people here are awesome. We work a lot with them and
they're the coolest people I've ever met. People give us clothes and
boots all the time to hand out to them, so we help the people out as
much as possible. No one cares what you know until they know that you
care, ya know? So we show them we care and talk with them about Jesus.
They have more faith than most of the other people we meet. They  have
a complicated social structure too. They group in families and then
the families have chiefs. It's really hard to keep track of. They talk
to us about the body snatchers all the time too, which freaked me out
because I thought a body snatcher was someone who kidnapped and
murdered people. But it turns out there's people that pick up homeless
people and take them to shelters. There's also a murderer targeting
homeless people in our area, right around the times we walk around
town. Good times.

Wednesday night he fire alarm in our building went off right as I laid
my head down. It scared us super bad and Elder Shurtz fell off the top
bunk of the bunk bed. We put some pajamas on and got out of the
building in less than two minutes. Not a single other person in the
building left. If it had been an actual fire, they'd be dead. But it
wasn't. Us two fat guys have the best response time though.

Then Saturday night we went in to our apartment and it was locked.
That's weird because we never lock our apartment. We tried our keys,
our shoulders, and a foot, and nothing would open the door. So we
figured it was locked from the inside. We called our president, his
wife, and the APs and got no response. So we called the first
councilor in the mission presidency and got permission to call the
cops because we figured someone was in our apartment. After going
through the ridiculously long APD phone tree, four officers showed up
at our apartment. We took them up to the door and they couldn't get it
open. So then we called for permission to bust down the door. Then the
door mysteriously swung open. It scared us all. The cops drew their
pistols and stormed the apartment. It was awesome. Turns out we just
had a stuck door jam. Stories man.

And that's the week. Stay home gold.

Elder John Miller

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