Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 8 in Homer, Alaska


Exactly one year from today I will be arriving home at the Portland
airport. How weird is that? I know it's weird for me. It's halfway
over now. I'm on the downhill. That's madness. The last year has been
filled with the craziest experiences and wildest adventures of my
life. I've almost been killed by at least 4 moose and at least 7
people. I've seen -40 degree temperatures. I haven't seen anything
above 80 degrees in a year. I've talked with more people than you
could shake several sticks at, knocked on literally thousands of
doors, dramatically improved my basketball skills, climbed several
mountains, made a lot of friends, eaten many strange foods, had more
impacting life experiences than ever before, had more powerful
spiritual experiences than ever before, prayed harder, worked harder,
and eaten harder than ever before, watched two people make the
commitment to whole heartedly follow the Savior, and come closer to
Jesus Christ than I ever have been before. I'd say that's been a
pretty successful year. And I get to do it all in the most beautiful
place on Earth. Booyah.

This week was pretty awesome. We've been really busy which is always
what we want to be. I don't know if too many exciting things happened
this week, but I am also super tired right now so I can't really think
clearly. The struggle is real sometimes. There comes a day on a
mission where you realize that you will never wake up before 6 30
again, for at least the remainder of your mission. It's kind of a hard
realization. You get used to it though. One of the members in our ward
here takes us out running so we run about 4-5 miles on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays. Never skip leg day.

We had a lot of meetings this week. Meetings can get pretty boring,
but our zone is pretty awesome so it's always exciting when we get
together. One of the zone leaders threw me an iPad when I wasn't
paying attention so it hit me in the face. And a bunch of other
ridiculous things happened. Oh the joy of meetings. I feel like that's
how corporate office meetings go too. I hope so anyways.

It's been raining here for the past week. It hasn't stopped, it's been
constantly raining. But it's also been super foggy which is fun to
drive in. None of these Alaskan people seem to know how to drive in
the fog. They all start driving like 90 year olds. But it's also much
harder to spot the moose in the fog so you have to be careful. My
policy is just to drive really fast. Don't tell anybody that though.

Our people are doing well, or they aren't doing anything. That's life
in Homer. Everybody either has too much to do or they loaf around all
day. Funny people. Hopefully y'all have a good week, I know I plan to.
I love you all!

Elder John Miller

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