Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, August 22, 2016

Homer, Alaska, Week 10


Today has been a very crazy day. We went to a funeral today at noon
and it was like the most relaxed funeral I've ever seen. No one cried,
the husband of the woman who died was chilling like a villain. It was
great. Everyone was like "Why be sad? She's in a better place." It was
pretty cool to see all these people for whom death is no big deal at
all. Then we got to the graveside and Elder Freestone and I were the
only Priesthood holders there, so one of us got to dedicate the grave.
Needless to say, the lot fell on me. I've never dedicated a grave
before, this was the third funeral I've ever been to, so it was an
interesting experience. It was super cool. Dorthy, the woman who
passed away was super old so it was her time to go. But it was really
spiritual. Now I've dedicated a grave. New experiences.

There were three nice days this week, it was pretty great. We've had
measurable rain every day but two in August. So much water. I'm glad
I'm not in Louisiana though. However, tourist season is starting to
shut down. Some of the shops out on the Spit are closing. It will all
shut down after labor day. I'm excited for all these tourists
to be gone, but it'll mean we have a lot less people to talk to. In
the winter Homer has about 5,000 people. And this winter is supposed
to be brutal. The trees and plants are already turning yellow and the
firewood is bloomed out. So winter is coming up quick. However, if the
last three winters are any indication, and that whole climate change
thing has its way, then this winter won't be too bad. I hope it is
though. I hope it's an awful, freezing, horrible winter. That's what I
live for man.

In more exciting news, we have a crazy awesome investigator. Her name
is Melonie Meeker and she asked us "What does it take to join the
Mormon church?" Which we explained to her. Then she said "I want to do
that." So that's pretty exciting. That's not a normal thing for us up
here, so when that happens we kind of poop ourselves a little bit. But
the toilet is fixed so that's not really a problem anymore. But in all
seriousness, she's the bomb. All our solid investigators are older
women. That's the in-crowd these days.

Other weekly highlights include (but are not limited to) almost
getting stuck in cement, losing the battle with the mosquitos,
shooting the gap when I really shouldn't shoot the gap because my
depth perception is a little off and almost getting in two accidents,
farting really loud on someone's porch right as they opened the door,
and finally learning what a horoscope is. Good times.

Despite all the craziness, this week was actually really good. It was
an uplifting and spiritual week. We've built up our teaching pool so
we have a lot of work to do so we don't have to spend hours on hours
tracting anymore, although we probably will for fun. This next week is
looking like it will be even better, so I'm excited. Hopefully all you
people whom I love and care about have a good week too!

Elder Miller

Elder Miller after a service project.

John and his bird friend.

Hump day!  
(Hump day was his one year mark.  I sent him a box with some stuff to celebrate.  One of which was a big tube of confetti.  Apparently that is what is all over the floor.)

These next pictures are from the Iditarod this past year.  

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