Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, August 15, 2016

Homer, Alaska, Week 9

Buenos dias,

Well, this week our toilet broke again. Why do the toilets in all the
apartments I live in keep break. This time wasn't as bad as the last
time, we just couldn't flush the toilet for a while. It didn't smell
good in there. So we went in with a flashlight, a wrench, and some
rusty pliers and Jerry rigged ourselves a functional toilet. Sure we
could have just called the landlord, but that's too much effort. The
only problem was, to fix the problem we had to break he toilet in a
different way. So now to flush we have to go into the water tank in
the back and pull the thingy by hand. It has led to much more thorough
hand washing.

I also learned today that one of the people I taught in the YSA, Eve
Moss, just got baptized this last weekend. That made my week. Long
term successes are great.

This week was pretty crazy. Along with the toilet breaking we also did
a lot of work this week. There were many service projects. This
Saturday we did an eagle project on steroids. We rehabilitated three
trails. We were also the only two there that were younger than 50. So
we did most of the heavy lifting. We were hauling actual trees out of
the woods. It was great. We got to look all tough it was sweet. And
there was free pizza.

All our investigators are on vacation this week so we tracted a lot.
It was actually very fun. Only 4 people were mean. But I'm out of time
now so next week you will get a more detailed report of actual things
that happened. The highlight this week is that Elder Freestone is
hilarious. He told me one of the funniest poop stories I've ever
heard. Life is great. Have a good week!

Love y'all

Elder Miller

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