Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 6 in Homer, Alaska


Welp. We got our transfer calls again this week. I'm staying in Homer.
And I'm training again. I pick up a new missionary on Wednesday and
we'll be here in Homer for the next 12 weeks together. What madness is
this. But I'm not the district leader anymore. Apparently one transfer
of ghetto district meetings was good enough. Except for this last
district meeting every single one started late because we couldn't get
the technology to work. So I don't have to worry about that anymore,
which is very relieving. The weird thing is this is transfer 9 of my
17 transfers. Meaning that this transfer I go over the hump.
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Scary thoughts. I feel like I came out yesterday.
I'm too green for this.

Elder Contreras is going to Bethel. If you don't know where Bethel is,
it's in the southwest corner of Alaska. And it's a native village. And
the only way there is by plane. And the missionaries there live in the
chapel. And he's whitewashing it because it's been closed for a few
transfers. So he's freaking out. So this week we ended up saying a lot
of goodbyes, which was weird for me because I'm staying here. I love
this area. The people here are awesome mainly because they're
absolutely insane. Especially the members. They're funny people.

This week we got drafted into building a cabin, which was pretty fun.
We were laying down the foundation beams. Those things are heavy.
Hopefully next time the Elders quorum will be able to help. Then on
Friday we went running with our Elders quorum President. I haven't
been running in a year. We were so sore afterwards and he was just
running in circles around us. I never knew there were so many hills
here until Friday. I think we ran up all of them. Homer is actually
very similar to Newberg in a lot of ways, there's just a lot less
people. And an ocean.

We were also able to teach a lot this week. The tourists were finally
willing to talk with us so we spent a lot of time out on the Spit
talking with people. We met a lady from South Africa, another from
Kenya, a man from Germany, some Samoans straight off the islands, and
a Chinese guy. People from all over the world come here. It's really
fun to talk to all of them. I'm finally starting to pick up the
differences between accents.

That's pretty much been our week. I'll let you know who my companion
is next week because right now I still don't know who it is. Hopefully
all of you have a good week as well! I love you all.

Elder John Miller

Me and Mama Dee 
(No other explanation given)

We found this at the Russian beach

This Seagull reminded me of the penguin from Wallace and Grommit.  He just stares you down.

This is a video from the Russian beach

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