Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 5 in Homer, Alaska

I think I am becoming far too Alaskan for my own good. Tourists make
me angry, I'd rather drive on dirt roads than pavement, and TV shows
about Alaska make me want to break the TV. Those shows are so dumb.
There was a member of our ward here who's from Homer Alaska who was
paid 1,000 dollars to walk around Homer, look at houses, and pretend
to be someone looking to by a house which isn't even for sale, because
it's owned by another member of the ward. It's just another prime
example of the man trying to squeeze as much money out of the most
beautiful place on earth as possible. Grumble Grumble. Alright, my
Alaska rage is sedated. For now.

This week was pretty fun. The area here is too huge. We use so many
miles on the truck it's unbelievable. Today we went down to the
Russian village Voznenskya to check it out. That was pretty fun.
Russians party hard up here. It's scary. We drove down the steepest
hill ever and ended up driving along the beach for a while. It doesn't
make much sense to me either. Nobody knows how to lay out a town
apparently. Or they just don't care. Or they were drunk. Probably a
combination of all three.

We also had a lot of success on the Spit this week. One day as we were
walking along the harbor to guys yelled at us from up above and
invited us to talk with them. So of course we did. I thought we were
about to get reamed by some drunks, but we actually ended up having a
really good, spiritually uplifting conversation with some drunks. It
was pretty awesome. Craig and Kevin. My two main Spit homies. Then the
next day we started a conversation with the most touristy looking
people on the Spit and it turned out they were locals and one of them
was a less active member. They gave us their contact info and we set
up a lesson. Craziness. When the weathers nice people love talking on
the Spit. It's super fun.

We also got a tour of an ice factory. That was pretty crazy. I never
knew so much effort went into the making of ice. The more you know.

We were able to teach a lot this week and some of our people's are
finally starting to progress which is really nice. Hopefully soon the
area will be en fuego like it should be. That's the dream. Alright
people. I love you all. Peace out.

Elder John Miller

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