Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 3 in Homer, Alaska!

Happy Independence Day!

So the Fourth is kind of lame in Alaska because it's so light out so
late, so you can't even see the fireworks. Saying that, they're also
Alaskans so they just blow stuff up anyways. Because huge explosions
are fun. And massive forest fires are fun. That's why fireworks are
illegal here. Too bad no one cares.

This week was pretty slow here in Homer because of the holiday weekend
and it's been raining for days. People get grumpy when the clouds are
out. But other than that we're still doing good. This week we went out
to the Russian villages and they are sketchy. The roads are all
unpaved and they drive so fast down them. While they're drunk. And
shooting off firearms. It's awesome and terrifying at the same time.
Also, at one point we were driving down the road and this guy just
started sprinting after our truck. But they have a super pretty church
out there. The patron saint of it is Saint Nicholas.

I also got stung by a hornet twice. We were doing a service project at
Haven House (the abused women's shelter in Homer) and as I was putting
a box in a shed I learned there was a hornet nest in there. They came
at me. Elder Contreras smashed one so they came at us. We ran. They
got me anyway. My hand is still a little swollen.

We also met two crazy cat ladies, cut down a tree with a machete, ate
some pie, bought some big knives, shanked a punching bag with them,
and then ate some more pie. Good times. Hopefully this next week the
sun comes out and everyone is in a better mood. Have a good fourth of
July everybody! It's one of my favorite holidays. So enjoy it for me.

Elder Miller

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