Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, March 21, 2016

Cook's Inlet YSA, Anchorage, Week 32

To be real with you, I don't really remember two weeks ago all that
well, plus I'm too lazy to try and type out two of these because I'm
super long winded anyways and you would probably fall asleep, so I'm
not even going to bother trying to type out what happened. It was a
good week, we taught people, we had fun, we ate some cheese. Good

This week was pretty crazy though. March doesn't make sense in
Anchorage. One date it's 44 degrees, the next day there's a blizzard.
This time of year is called break up because it's when all the ice and
snow breaks and melts, but right now there's still a ton of snow. The
snow is always really pretty for one day, then it gets dirty and
gross, so that's less fun. But it is fun to drive on.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting, which was actually a pretty
good one, and transferdamus. So we all guessed where everyone in the
zone was going to go for transfers. I only got one person right. And
only one person got mine right. It was also free cone day at Dairy
Queen, so we got some free cones. They were good, mainly because they
were free. Then we met with Marc. Marc calls us three to four times a
day to talk with us and check up and pray with us. It's pretty funny.
He's my favorite. Then that night we also met with Linda, who is also
doing well. Good day.

Wednesday we met with Moroni and his girlfriend Maria. Sadly, they
plan on getting married so we have to turn them over to their family
ward elders. Well, that's not really sad for them, just for me,
because Moroni is the best. His girlfriend isn't a member, but she's
totally going to get baptized because she loves the church and her
grandparents are members, so there you go Brayton elders. Don't say I
never did nothing for ya. We also got Marc all moved out of his house
today and got to destroy more stuff at the dump. He was going to give
me this really pretty glass elephant, but then it broke, so we just
decided to break it even more. I also gassed a room with Glade because
it smelled like someone died in there and no one else was willing to
go in. By the time I was done there was more air freshener than oxygen
in the air. Then that night we taught our investigator Laura, which is
always super fun because she asks funny questions. Also a good day.

Thursday and Friday were both relatively uneventful so they'll get a
paragraph together. Because our area is going pretty well right now
we've been working with other areas to help get them going to. This
week we did a lot of tracting with the Elders in the O'Malley ward who
are on struggle street right now because they had one investigator,
then she got baptized and now they have no one to teach. So we went
tracting with them for days. It was really fun. We'd split up and
knock out a bunch of streets and we actually found several people for
them. The only sad part is we couldn't find any young single adults
for us to teach. But that's okay. We got trolled super hard Thursday
night by our Elders Quorum President, Payton Olkjer, and his dad.
Payton said his dad wasn't a member so we started teaching him at
dinner then like halfway through Payton was like "No, he's actually a
member" and then fell out of his chair laughing. The best part was
that they didn't plan it. It was all improv. Friday night President
forgot to call us for transfer calls too.

Then Saturday morning we got our transfer call. I was super surprised.
Elder Santana is going to Chugach Foothills and I'm staying here for
another 12 weeks and training. So I'll be in this ward for six months
by the time I'm done. I won't know who I'm training until Wednesday
when all the trainers pick up their trainees. But holy cow, I'm
training. Did not see that one coming. Saturday we also had a
blizzard. There were points where it was a whiteout. It was awesome.
In one day we got over a foot of snow. It was scary driving on the
roads though. As we were driving we found a 20 car pile up crash.
Craziness. The weather here doesn't make sense. It's March.

Then Sunday was again pretty uneventful. Everybody in the ward is
super sad that Elder Santana is leaving because he was only here for
one transfer. I'm sad too. He's one of my favorite companions. I've
only had four, so I hope he would be. But this has been a really fun
transfer, I'm excited to get back to six week transfers now though.

I hope all of you are having as many adventures as I am. Good luck
this week. I'll try not to get eaten by the bears.


I assume this is John's district.

This was last Monday and the reason we did not get an email.  Looks like he was too busy to write:)

I believe this is the blizzard John referenced in his letter.

Not sure what is going on here.  I asked John and he didn't know but he said it is totally Alaska.  I love this picture but hope the dog and the eagle are both ok.

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