Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage, Week 29

Hello people,

This week has been a roller-coaster. The weather is gross like usual.
Everything is melting though so I think it may be break up season.
Break up is where the ice and snow melts and breaks up. I can't wait
for there to be green again. The sun is out pretty long now, it sets
around 6 30. By the equinox we'll be getting more sunlight than
darkness which I'm very excited for. Winters are long here.

But the best thing is that we got a new car this week. It's a 2016
Nissan Rogue and it is significantly better than the stupid jeep we
were driving. It's still a mom car, but at least it's a nice mom car.
Plus it has that new car smell. It's great.

Tuesday wasn't super exciting other than dinner. We had dinner with
Whittney at this place called Kriner's Burgers and Pies and it was
awesome. They give you jojos as fries. And the burgers are huge. And
the fry sauce is awesome. And they give you jojos as fries. It was
heavenly. Also super greasy. But I don't care. Elder Santana and I
started this new diet where we drink this shake for breakfast which
keeps us full till like 4 so we just work through lunch and we're
going to get fit. It's good because I've gained like 10 pounds and I'd
be lying if I claimed it was all muscle.

Wednesday we met with Moroni. He's like the hardest less active to
teach because we try and teach a point and then he just bears his
testimony of it. I'm not going to say it's annoying, but what the
heck. We also met with the Tamanahas and we talked with then about the
power of the Holy Ghost and made a weird sword metaphor, but it worked
and Brother Tamanaha said it was the best lesson he had ever had from
missionaries. Then they gave us this Hawaiian coconut stuff called
Houpika(?) which was delicious. So that was cool.

Thursday we stopped by to see Marc and he was straight up bicep
curling 50 pound water jugs. Man is swoll. We were able to talk with
him then we had true confessions time with him and his girlfriend and
it was all sorts of awkward. But whatever helps with the healing
process. Marc is such a funny guy. Then we taught Linda the Plan of
Salvation with Erin and Rhiannon and it was awesome. Good times.

Friday we went on exchanges. I went to the Sand Lake area with Elder
Creighton who's Samoan. He's so funny. He's from the islands, but when
he gets home he's going to move to New Zealand to play rugby for the
All-Blacks. That's how good he is. He also loves tracting, but his
companion hates it, so I took him tracting for hours. He hugged me and
broke my spine. We ran into this Samoan family and they gave us free
food. I'm normally a fan of Polynesian food, but this was the worst
halibut I've ever had in my life. All the bones were in. Nasty. But
I'm not about to deny free food.

Saturday was pretty standard. I district tracted with my zone leader
Elder Garver and he is hilariously bad at tracting. So we had some
good times. Then we taught some more lessons. Saturdays are great. I
also put the last journal entry into my journal so I'm starting
journal number two now. I write in my journal every day. It's weird
that I'm over a quarter done. I looked back in my journal and realized
how stupid some of my entries are. It's pretty funny.

Sunday we had a great church meeting. This ward is the best. Then we
saw Marc again. He gave me pizza. We're going to fast with him this
week. He's trying really hard to break his addiction and he'll do
whatever it takes basically. I've never seen anyone who wants to get
baptized as desperately as he does.

And that's the week. It's been real, it's been fun. Right now I'm in
the richest part of town. The houses here are mansions and a guy just
parasailed past me. Rich Alaskans are crazy. Alright well I'm going to
go have a dunking competition and probably get smacked around. The
view here is insane. Alaska rules.


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