Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage, Alaska Week 30

Hello homies,

Another week in paradise. The days are starting to get pretty long. I
think this week we'll start getting equal sunlight to darkness. The
longer days are nice. I'm actually getting vitamin D now, so that's a
plus too. Now we just need all the snow to melt and the green things
to actually turn green. It was funny because basically everything had
melted away and there was just a ton of dirty ice left, and then
Friday we had a snowstorm and got a couple more inches of snow. So now
that had to melt too. But that probably won't take long seeing as how
it gets into the 40's now. Alright, that's it for weather.

In other news, this week was pretty good. Tuesday we really didn't
want to tract so we decided to go to UAA (University of Alaska
Anchorage) and talk to derpy college kids. And it's not even illegal
for us to do that because we're associated with the Institute of
religion so they can't kick us out like those jerk mall cops. Ain't no
one Paul Blarting me this time. And it was super effective. The second
person we talked to wanted to meet with us later. His name is Connor.
We also got new pass along cards that we had made that are super cool
and much nicer than our old ones. That night we were also able to
teach Moroni and Linda. So not a bad day.

Wednesday we had a temple trip in the morning, which was pretty
awesome. Because the Anchorage temple is so small, when the
missionaries go there we always fill everything. It's pretty funny.
Then we had a baller lesson with one of our less actives named Ben and
his girlfriend Edith. Ben is pretty crazy sometimes but he's also a
really good fellowshipper. Then we Bible bashed super hard with one of
our investigators dad's to the point where he almost bashed me over
the head with his Bible. I thought that would have been funny, but
Bibles are also pretty heavy so that would probably hurt. Then that
night we started taking Marc to the addiction recovery program classes
which are really good. They're held in the Brayton chapel, which is
the same chapel that the Temple is at, and when we went outside Marc
said that he wanted to go inside the Temple someday soon. Boss. Dang
it, I'm starting to talk like a Californian. Elder Santana is rubbing
off on me too much.

Thursday we went back to UAA and met this crazy girl named Ashley who
was super excited that we were the YSA elders because quote "Yeah I'm
gonna go to the YSA so I can find me some husband material" end quote.
It was one of the funniest interactions I've had. Then after a long
day of not being able to talk with people we had dinner with Marc, who
cooked us steak. Afterwards we started fasting with him and like
everyone in his house joined in. It was pretty cool. Then we met with
Linda again. I'm getting tired of typing.

Friday we had zone meeting which basically consisted of us talking
about the new Easter initiative and telling funny stories. Later we
met with Marc, broke our fast, and ate a ton of Taco Bell. Taco Bell
tastes way better when you haven't eaten in 24 hours, not gonna lie.

Saturday we did a bunch of service for the Iditarod race. All the dog
teams run through down town, but cars still have to drive so we would
shovel snow on intersections after cars drove through so that the dogs
didn't break their little feet. Those dogs are actually much smaller
than I thought, but they're balls of muscle. I got a bunch of
pictures, but they're on my camera not my iPad so I'll have to send
them home when I figure that out. I'm not good at technology. I also
now have some cool Iditarod souvenirs that I got for free. That was
pretty much all we did Saturday.

Sunday we had a really good testimony meeting. I was scared because we
had an investigator there named Laura, who we'd never met because the
other elders found her, but it ended up being good so it's okay. She
even stayed for all three hours and enjoyed it. This is what happens
when people actually give us referrals instead of poaching. Now we
have a dinner appointment with Laura. That's how we roll.

Today we're probably going to drive down to Girdwood which is where
Alyeska is, which is a ski resort. Not that we can ski, but still. It
should be fun. Hopefully you all are also having good times. Stay
positive party people. Have a good week! That's my plan.


This is a couple of zones of missionaries who helped on the Iditarod.

Elder Santana popping Elder Miller's neck.  

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