Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 19, Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage

Merry Christmas! 

 This week was pretty good I think. Transfers happened, which was
pretty crazy. Elder Crawford is an interesting guy. This could either
be a really good transfer, or the longest 7 weeks of my life. Only
time will tell I suppose. Either way, I'm pumped to be in this area.
We have work for days. Sort of. 
 Tuesday was crazy day. We had transfer meeting, so we were running
around all day. I went on exchanges in the morning with Elder
Christensen who came out with me, he was in my group in the MTC, and
neither of us really know Anchorage at all. So that was an adventure.
Then we had transfer meeting, which was actually really good this
time. All the departing testimonies were powerful, plus I actually
knew some of the people so it had more effect. Then the craziness
resumed because we had to unpack and pick up the Elders serving in
Barrow, so I got to hang out with Elder Rogers, my MTC companion for a
day. That was fun. 
 Wednesday was just as hectic. We had the Barrow elders with us till 2
so we lost a lot of time. Then we lost got our car towed at the
airport. It was funny. Then we had a service project for homeless
people for hours. It was pretty fun. 
 Thursday we had a dinner party for foster care families in the area.
It was super busy, but it was a lot of fun. I was the juice guy. I
made a lot of juice. So much juice. It was ridiculous. Apparently we
do a lot of service in Anchorage, but it's really good stuff so it's
ll good. 
 Friday was filled with meetings and caroling. But we picked up a new
investigator named Mark, who is the most excited I've ever seen
someone be for meeting with the missionaries. He's super cool and it's
exciting to teach people that are super pumped about it. He's had a
cray life and he's trying to change, so we're helping him out. He came
to church with us Sunday, it was cool. 

Saturday we had a lesson with a girl named Rhiannon. She's super cool
as well. This ward has a lot of work to do. She was crying like the
whole time from how much she was feeling it. Both of her best friends
just got back from their missions, and they both came and it was
probably the best lesson I've ever been to. It was nuts. After a long
week it was really nice to be able to have a lesson like that. 
 Sunday was also awesome. This ward meets at 1 which is so late. So we
have meetings all day. Then both Mark and Rhiannon came to church
which was cool. We had a fireside that night where all the new
converts in the area bore there testimonies which was also really
powerful. It was a rough, busy week, but it ended really well. 
 Have a merry Christmas everyone! I don't know if I'll be able to reply
to everyone this week, because today will be crazy, but next week I
will! So everyone have a good week and an excellent tool holiday! 

Elder Miller

This is the little tree I sent John so he would have a Christmas tree and the gifts he has received.  Apparently he doesn't realize he can straighten the tree  out a bit.  (note from mom)

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