Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 18, Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage

People of the universe,

This week has been nuts. I finally got transferred out of Fairbanks.
I'm a little sad, but it's going to be good. I'm serving in Cook Inlet
YSA, which is the YSA ward for the South Anchorage stake. So I cover
all of South Anchorage. Apparently like 60 people come to this YSA, so
it's big enough to be a ward. According to Elder Crawford, my new
companion, it's the best YSA in the mission. So I'm excited. I've been
out 4 and a half months. Elder Crawford has been out for 3, he just
finished getting trained. So I'm greenie breaking him. I just got
greenie broke, now I'm greenie breaking. So neither of us know what's
happening. It's going to be an interesting 7 week transfer.

Monday we went sledding for our p day activity. I have videos and
stuff, but I have no idea how to compress them, so hopefully you get

Tuesday I had my final visit with the Andersons. They're still crazy.
Apparently at one point Glenn was a professional Ultimate Frisbee
player. Who knew? I didn't even know pro Frisbee was a thing until he
showed us a tournament. Then we helped a member with a science
experiment for his science fair and I got to wreck a bunch of other
missionaries with peanut butter.

Wednesday we were on exchanges and we found a new investigator who
isn't actually a new investigator because he's a member. But he agreed
to come to church next week. I'll never get to teach him, but it was
gold that we could find new people. Elder Reading will be training in
Fairbanks and I couldn't leave him with no work.

Thursday we taught Adrian, our new member guy that we found, and
Henry, who's one of our progressing investigators. It's funny, because
while I was in Fairbanks I couldn't get anyone to keep or make
commitments, but the week I leave all our investigators started
actually doing stuff. So I'm hoping that next transfer there's a lot
of success there, even if I couldn't make it happen while I was there.

Friday is transfer call day, but both Elder Reading and I forgot about
it. So when President called we thought we were in trouble. But then
we got transfer calls. We also handed out a Book of Mormon at dinner
again, which was fun. We gave one to a cook at my favorite Mexican
joint in Fairbanks, Tacos Azteca Dos. It was fun.

Saturday I had to go out and by luggage, because I needed an extra bag
for the obscene number of Christmas presents I have. I got all of
them, for any interested parties. I also ate a pound of fudge. It was
delicious. Thanks Grandma. Then we taught our nerd friend Mike Tally,
which was a lot of fun. That was my last lesson in Fairbanks.  (In our defense, most of his obscene amount of Christmas presents were wool socks, glove liners, hats and so forth.  I just wrapped everything separately so he would have more to open.)

Sunday was a day of running around. In ward council we started
formulating the new ward mission plan. Then we went to six hours of
church because we were babysitting another Elder. And then there was a
lot of packing. Packing is very stressful. And now I'm in Anchorage.
We flew in this morning.

I loved Fairbanks, but change should be good. Apparently YSA wards are
the best, so I'm excited. Maybe I'll finally get something done. So
I'm excited. Plus I'll probably get shot at less, so that's an added

Elder Miller

The missionaries in Elder Miller's district.

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