Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 17, Alaska, Fairbanks

 This week has been pretty good. Weather is weird. One day it'll be 20
then the next will be -20. You kind of just gotta flip a coin in the
morning. I'm not driving anymore because Elder Reading is learning
how to drive around the area, so the driving has become considerably
less crazy. We blast Christmas music now, most of which has some form
of Opera singer soloist because it's MoTab, so we get funny looks from
other cars. Transfer calls are at the end of this week so if I'm
getting transferred out of Fairbanks, I'll know then. Or if I'm
staying I guess I'll also know. I wouldn't mind staying in this area
for another transfer. That'll put me here for six months. Oofta.
 Monday was apparently Christmas shopping day, but nobody told us, so
we're doing our Christmas shopping today. We also taught a lesson on
Monday, which doesn't normally happen, so that was cool. 
 Tuesday through Thursday we got service trapped hardcore. Brother
Maxon, whose restaurant has serious issues, had to move out. The
building is full of mold because of water damage caused by a leak. So
we were enlisted to help. I didn't mind because they really needed the
help. Brother Maxon has been given a year to live by his doctors. He
has diabetes and he's allergic to insulin, so his blood sugar sits at
around 700. He can get it figured out, but with the restaurant he has
too much stress. So we've been helping them get moved out. Plus we got
a bunch of free Mexican sodas, so bonus. 
 Friday was fun. We were able to do a lot of teaching. At dinner we
were taken out to eat to a restaurant called Tacos Azteca, where we've
eaten 4 times this week. But this time we gave a Book of Mormon to the
woman who works at the counter. Her name is Anna and she's Panamanian,
so we gave her our only Spanish Book of Mormon. There's no Spanish
speaking missionaries in Fairbanks, so this might be interesting.
 Saturday we went to visit Mike Tally, who's less active, and we walked
in on like 10 nerds playing dungeons and dragons. They were fighting a
giant centipede. It killed their sorcerer. Poor guy. We weren't able
to share a lesson, but I made a bunch of nerds laugh, so it was fun.
Then we double dipped for dinner. I'm still in pain from that. Brother
Summers gave us two pound hamburgers. It was so brutal. 
 Sunday was pretty good as well. We were able to watch the Christmas
devotional, and we finally tracked down Lorinda. It turns out she
wasn't avoiding us. She was just avoiding her house. So we're still
teaching her. We're also drafting a new ward mission plan for this
ward, which has been an interesting experience because I don't even
know what a ward mission plan is. 
 Other than that not much happened this week. We had two investigators
open the door naked. That was pretty crazy. Elder Reading totally
didn't even realize that this one girl was naked (she was mostly
hidden behind the door) and he was totally trying to get in the door.
I got us out of there and then explained the situation. We had a good
laugh about that one. It was even funnier because our ward mission
leader was with us. 
 We also went tracting at -20. I don't recommend doing that. We turned
into missionary icicles. It was bad. I couldn't feel my ears or nose,
and my eyes were freezing. It was awesome.

And that's the week. 
Stay gold. 

Elder Miller

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