Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cook Inlet YSA, Anchorage Alaska, Week 40


So clearly last week I failed at sending out the group email, but all
you need to know about that week is that it was great. Life is
awesome. For real. The sun is out till 11. I wake up to the sunrise at
4 30. Then go back to sleep. Everything is lush and green. The snow is
all gone, it's in the 60's and 70's all the time and life is
beautiful. People talk to us outside, we teach a lot, and I'm a happy
man. It's great. Hopefully life is going great for you as well.

Let me tell you about Jackson. So Jackson Jonas was craving Wendy's
two Thursdays or so ago, so he went to Wendy's. The drive through line
was super long, so he decided to go inside. Unbeknownst to him, a
temple trip had just gotten out, so there were about 30 Mormons inside
that Wendy's. He figured he would talk to them first because he knew
eventually they would talk to him. So he asked them some questions and
referred him to the other missionaries who referred him to us. We met
him for the first time last Tuesday. He's now on date for baptism on
June 18th. He already told us the church is true, he reads the Book of
Mormon, and he came to church. I've never met anybody like this, it's
nuts. It's like the most exciting thing ever. Being a missionary is
the best. You should try it some time.

Marc is also doing really good. His phone shut down because he's
broke, so we can barely communicate with him, which is less than
desirable, but we make do. He's still on track to be baptized on the
4th of June so that's also super exciting. I love it. Like so much.
You don't even know. It's for real.

Another high light of this week is that we had 4 member present
lessons and the ward is getting super excited about doing missionary
work. It's going well. I'm really sad that there's a high percent
chance I'm leaving this transfer. I learned so much from this ward and
from these people I will definitely miss it. But that's okay because I
still have 3 and a half ish weeks to slay it here.

That's some of the highlights of this week. Oh, we also met this super
cool lady named Neesha who took a Book of Mormon and set up a return
appointment with us and it was cool because that never happens. Good

Alright, this week was pretty awesome. Next week will be too.
Hopefully yours is as well. Love y'all.

Elder Miller

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