Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, May 30, 2016

Cook Inlet YSA, Alaska Anchorage Mission, Week 41

Howdy again,

This week has been pretty much awesome. I got a light sunburn because
we've been outside so much and it's so nice out. Looks like it's going
to be cloudy for the next little while, but it was worth it. Rocking
the short sleeved shirt is always nice. Gotta love it.

So some awesome things happened this week, first and foremost being
that Marc passed his baptismal interview and will be being baptized
next Saturday! That's what's up! He's the best and I am so excited for
him. I love it so much.

Jackson, who is also on date, is also a boss. He asked us for a
blessing and he is super committed! It's the best! I love being a
missionary it's the best life.

Also, we got robbed! How cool is that? We went out to the car one
morning and it had been broken into! They stole our jackets, which is
super annoying because that was a really nice jacket, but it's cool!
Now I can say I've been robbed. It's exciting.

So this week was really good. I am going to do condensed highlights
because I don't have that much time, but know that I love y'all, and
you're the best. Have a good week!

Elder Miller

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