Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage, Alaska, Week 37


This week was pretty crazy. I just finished doing a sick hike. I love
hiking, so it was super funny. It's an Oregon day today, so we got
wet and it was a lot of fun. So I'm going to give you the highlight
reel because my fingers are very cold and slow right now, plus that's
all you savages care about anyways.

I love everything. Being a missionary is awesome. I have way too much
fun, and it goes by way too fast. But it really is the best. We didn't
teach many lessons this week, but we did get to do a lot of finding
and found several people for the other missionaries in our area.
However we did get to meet with Marc a couple times, which was super
fun. We are going to start a scripture study class every week because
he wants to, so we're having the other missionaries bring their investigators
too and it's super fun. We had a lesson on Wednesday
with Whittney and she called me by my first name because she had just
got done Facebook stalking me, which was pretty funny. She also
brought her friend Eric, who we taught the Restoration to, and now
he's super committed to reading the Book of Mormon. Awesome sauce.
Other than that we taught a few other lessons. I also went on exchange
with the crazy Samoan, Elder Crichton, and he tackled me while we
played rugby with the young men. Crazy times. Marc also texts us
every day saying that he is a child of God. He told us that we helped
him solve his identity crisis.

And there's the highlights. Now my fingers are a little less brittle.
I love you all! Have a great week!


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