Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage, Alaska, Week 35

How's it hanging?

Never start an essay with a weird open ended question like that.

Luckily this isn't an essay so I don't feel too bad. The weather has
significantly improved. The snow is gone, except in the mountains, and
it's usually in the 50's during the day. It's light outside till about
9 45 and the sun comes up at like 6 30. It's so nice. It's beautiful
up here. Alaska is paradise. At least in the late spring and summer.
We might get another snow fall before it's all said and done, but
we'll see.

Tuesday was fun. We didn't have district meeting because we had zone
meeting on Friday, so I was on exchange all day with my district
leader Elder Younger. He's awesome. We were in my area and it was
super fun. We taught several lessons and tracted and it was just a
nice refreshing day because it had been slow for a while. Exchanges
bring miracles. It's weird how it works. Then we met with Marc that
night. He's doing super well, which is nice.

Wednesday we exchanged back. Then we dug a ditch. That's right. We dug
a hole in the ground to move a puddle from one place to another. And
it was the nicest thing. It's been forever since I've been able to do
a simple service project like that and it was really nice. Service is
the nicest thing because you get to just help people. And also hit
things with an ax. But that's not the point. We did service with the
Sand Lake elders and the Jewel Lake sisters and we hammered it out in
no time. Then that night we met Marc at the addiction recovery program
meeting, which was super good, and Marc came out of it saying that he
wanted to change permanently. The lesson was on confession, so it was
pretty hard core. Luckily he didn't just confess everything to us
right there.

Thursday guess who we met with? If you guessed Marc you would be
correct. He wants to meet with us all the time. It's awesome.
Investigators like this show up once in a blue moon. I feel blessed to
be a part of this process. Then we tracted. All day. Until dinner with
Whittney which was good, as usual, because she spends way too much
money on feeding us. Sometimes I feel bad when these people who I know
are poor college students take us out to eat at nice places. But
that's how it is. She's doing good too. Everyone is doing good. It's

Friday was full of meetings. But Marc came to waffle and fun night
which was sweet. I also learned that if you hit the ball really hard
in billiards and hit something then something will probably go in
somewhere. So that's pretty much my strategy for billiards. I
understand how the angels work, I can just never hit it right. So I
make up for it by hitting it really, really hard. Sometimes it goes
off the table.

Saturday was a pretty standard Saturday. Working and teaching and all
good things. Then we had the evening session of stake conference. It
was great. Marc was there. This has been a Marc filled week. Awesome.
Then Saturday night I had the worst experience ever. Our toilet broke.
It was nasty. Like straight nasty. It took me two hours to clean. TWO
HOURS. It was so horrible. I had to scrub and rescrub and rescrub the
bathroom and it was the worst. The worst. It made me hate everyone. I
don't ever want to use that bathroom again.

Sunday was nice though. It always is. We had the normal stake
conference and it was also awesome. Then President invited us over for
lunch which was super nice. Ham and potatoes are always welcome in my
stomach. Then, because we weren't able to plan Saturday night because
our toilet exploded, we had no plans, so we tracted all day. I feel
like normal missionaries don't Tract this much. It makes me feel like
I'm doing something wrong. But then I'm like whatever and go for it
anyways. I've taught a bunch of lessons tracting this week. Now I just
hope some of them are prepared because I had to give them all away.
Woot woot. YSA life.

And that was the week. But here's the real question. Why are all my
friends getting engaged? What the heck is this? Am I really old enough
that my friends can get married? How many people's weddings am I going
to miss? Shows what friends you are. You won't even wait till I get
home. That's a joke. Get married if you want. Just save me some cake.
See what I care. Jerks. Just kidding. I still like you. Please save me
cake. Just freeze it for me. I like cake. Will there be themed

That's about all I got in the tank. Tune in next week for more
exciting updates. Or not exciting. I don't know yet. But I love you
all. I hope you have a good week!



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