Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, February 1, 2016

Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage


Firstly, thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a pretty good
birthday, got some fun stuff, and didn't party at all. I got sang to
by missionaries, which is always terrible. But that's life for you.
This has been a pretty awesome week.

Tuesday was cool. We had our last district meeting of the transfer. We
did transferdamus where we guess where everyone is going. We had the
best grilled cheese sandwiches of my life. The people who made it put
this pesto on it and it was delicious. Then we drove to Wasilla so
Elder Crawford could go to the doctor. Road trips are fun.

Wednesday we got to go on a temple trip, which was sweet. Then we
went to this Mexican place called Xalo's and I had a steak and
potatoes burrito. What is this? It was super good. Backed up the
system for days though. Then we went tracting and actually found
potentials which was awesome. Then we met with Whitney, who's the
best. She's crazy. We work with her because she's less active and
asked us to teach her the lessons. She also offers to cut our hair, so
no more great Clips for me, woot woot

Thursday was my birthday. So that was nice. My parents got me some
apostate clothes which was cool. I really appreciate all the birthday
wishes, but remember that you can send them to me yourself instead of
sending then through other people. Nudge Nudge wink wink please email
me and write me letters. I'm not lonely or bitter. But seriously,
thanks. I love you guys. But we also did a lot of work that day which
was nice. It was just a good day. Woot birthdays.

Friday was also good. We met a lot of people and even got a referral
which is awesome. We also have SASWAFN which was super fun because we
did a game tournament. I got destroyed, but it was fun. The perks of
being in a YSA. Good days. Then we got transfer calls at night which
was crazy. Elder Crawford is going to the Fish hook ward in Wasilla
and my new companion is Elder Santana who is a Spanish Elder, which
should be fun.

Saturday was also good. Looking back on the week, I realize we
actually didn't teach very much. We just went around trying to find
people to teach and getting rejected, which sounds sad, but it's
really not. Looking at this week I can see that we're actually doing
pretty good compared to sometimes. It's fun to realize that you're
actually getting work done, even if it's super slow. But that's Alaska
for you.

Sunday was the fifth Sunday of the month so we had a special 3rd hour.
In this ward they do a question and answer with the Bishopric. Someone
asked about dating and to quote Bishop McCarrey "There are some hot
women in this ward, if I were you guys, I'd grow a pair and ask them
out" That was straight from the mouth of the Bishop. It was so funny.
Then we had a dinner party.

Rhiannon's baptism is this Saturday so that's really exciting. I also
hit bump day this week (6 month mark) so this should be another good
one. Alright people of the universe, have a good one! I'll be back.


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