Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 23, Cooks Inlet YSA, Anchorage

(How are you this week?  It looks like Anchorage has been cold this week with maybe some snow?  It has been raining here.  And then it rained some more.  We had such a dry summer though that it is hard to complain about the rain.  It hasn't been that cold so that it kind of nice.)
Global warming man. Global warming. It's been chilly here and we did get some snow, but I miss the cold. I wanted that true Alaskan experience with the winters but that's how it goes. 

(The Seahawks lost today so they are now done for the year.  They do not get to go to the Super Bowl this year.  Dad wore his Seahawks tie to church today and Max tells me he did not wear his so I am not sure whose fault this loss was.  Did you wear your socks?  You can probably only wear those on P days anyway.) 
I did wear my socks. I heard they got stomped in the first half. Maybe my faith just wasn't sufficient to help them win. At least the Packers also lost. Those guys suck. Now we just have to hope the Patriots lose too.

(I spoke in the YSA branch today.  Wow.  That is a small branch.  I don't think there were more than 25 people there.  I was thinking that my seminary class is almost that size.  I think my talk went pretty well though.  We talked about missionary work.)  
Yeah, out YSA is kind of tiny. But the one here is pretty big. A lot of people left for college but it's all good because we still have plenty of people to work with. It's really nice actually.

(Alenka got baptized yesterday.  Dad and I went.  It was really great.  She looked so happy.  Brother Southwick baptized her.  Then today she was confirmed.)
I heard about Alenka's baptism, she emailed me. That was really exciting.

(How is Marc doing?  How is the quitting smoking going?  Has he made it to church?  Is he still on target for baptism this month?  How about Rhiannon?  Is she still getting baptized Feb 6?  Do you have anyone else that you are teaching?) 

Our investigators are doing good. Marc is working really hard on quitting smoking and coming to church and Rhiannon is as solid as ever and is getting baptized here in a few weeks. So it's all good in the neighborhood. The ward is still awesome. 

(How is your ward?  Still loving it?  And your companion?  All good there?)
Elder Crawford is still Elder Crawford. Everything's good I think

RED = portions from mom's letter
BLACK = John's answers from his letter back to mom

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