Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 13, Homer, Alaska

Hello everybody!

This week was another crazy one. It seems like most of them are that
way. Also, if anyone is wondering why these come at random times
during the day, it's because they send whenever I get to WiFi and I
don't have WiFi most of the time. So if it shows up at 9 30 pm don't
be alarmed.

Tuesday was pretty lame, straight up. But Wednesday we had a lesson
with a witch! She's super cool, but also kind of sketchy. I think she
put a spell on us, but I'm not totally sure on that. I also learned
what zodiac signs and horoscopes were, so that was neat. I don't know
if we'll go back though. There's a lot of witches in Alaska, it's kind
of weird.

Thursday was nuts. On Thursdays we do service at the long term care
Center here in town and we help the old people play bingo. But this
week the old people were about to start a riot. Peg, who's like 90 and
has pretty severe Alsheimers, was repeating all the number 5 times
after they were called which really annoyed Betty. So Betty started
getting cranky which in turn made Louisa cranky. And the caretakers
are all laughing at this point and playing along with it all. Then Pat
asked me to help her out because she's in a wheelchair and she needed
to go somewhere, but there was a big ol' oxygen machine right there so
I had to fanangle her around the oxygen machine and I accidently
bumped her into Louisa twice which made Louisa throw down. She started
yelling at me and I didn't know what to do because she's a nice old
lady so I just stood there and took it while she lit me up. Then Betty
started raging and Peg was still calling out B13 while Laura cleaned
up and won like 4 games. And the attendants were laughing the whole
time. It was awesome. Then we went to a lesson with Annette and she
wanted to get baptized and listened to everything and accepted it all.
Now we just have to find her a German Book of Mormon. Only on

Then at our dinner appointment on Friday we got to move an 800 pound
gun safe which was fun. And also a huge grill. But the best part was
that when we were teaching our lesson I looked over at Elder Freestone
so he could take over and he smiled and pointed down at his leg where
their dog was trying to mate with his leg. I took care of the lesson
after that. They made us some good steak though, so it was worth
fighting off a crazy dog.

Saturday we roofed a building that's being converted into a house. It
was a pretty steep roof so I thought I was going to fall and die a few
times but it was a lot of fun. I think I broke most of the OSHA rules
I know though, so don't let them know.

Sunday was also really good. Annette came to church, which was
awesome, and we got to hang out with the Primary kids for sharing
time. Then after church we met with Billy Swisher who has a sweet scar
from her surgery. After that we net with Bruce Barnes, who refused to
turn off the football game (Cardinals vs. Patriots, I hope the
Cardinals won) but we still managed to talk about the Gospel and it
was really good. When people leave the TV on its the most distracting
thing in the world because I've been without it for so long I turn
into a three year old watching cartoons. It's rough sometimes.

So that's this week. Hopefully you all had good weeks too! Talk to you
next week.

Elder John Miller

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