Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 14, Alaska Fairbanks

Dear peoples, 
     This week was significantly warmer than last week. It got up to 25
which is practically balmy. When it first got that cold I was all
bundled up. Now I'm just wearing long sleeved shirts and I'm warm
enough. It's funny how that works. It is still getting darker though.
Right now we have about 6 hours of light. At the darkest point it will
be 3. I'm looking forward to it because you can see the Aurora like
all night long, which is pretty sweet. 
     This week was pretty slow. A lot of going around and trying people and
no one being home. Tuesday we set up a bunch of lessons, but we
weren't really able to teach anyone. It was rough. Days like that feel
very, very long. 
     Wednesday was more fun. That night we met up with Larry and I got my
political ranting quota for the week filled. He went off man. It was
crazy. We couldn't stop him, and he ranted about politics for an hour.
It reminded me of home. I understand now why men shouldn't watch the
news. Kids, don't let your dads watch the news. They go crazy. 
     Thursday we had a lesson with Lorinda. She's doing a lot better. We
have another lesson with her soon, hopefully she'll start coming to
church. She read like half the Book of Mormon in one night and
annotated it. We also got to do some service. You start missing
service when you don't do it for a long time, so it felt good. We also
saw an oven big enough that you could cook an elephant in it. It was
impressive. There was no elephant meat though. 
     Friday slowed down again, which wasn't fun. Saturday was the same. But
we got to double dip (have two dinners) Saturday which was fun.
There's a guy in the ward named Spencer Ashcraft who looks exactly
like Jim Gaffigan. We also met with Tim Sirap, who just got off house
arrest, and my main man Clint, who is still absolutely insane. It was
a good night. 
     Sunday was fun because we had dinner with the Andersons. They made a
boss chili. They also had the Cardinals-Bengals game playing in the
background and it reminded me that I miss football. But it's okay that
I can't watch it because the Sea hawks aren't doing great anyways.
They could still squeeze in there though, ya never know. Also, Glen's
sister is a Broadway singer and tours with Meatloaf (the singer, not
the food) and Maria keeps telling me to be an actor and it hurts my
soul. I love them. They're also crazy. Why is everyone crazy? 
     Other than that, Elder Reading is awesome. He has Munchkin so we play
it on P days. He's also just a massive nerd, so that's nicer than
talking about swimming all the time. Other than that, I'm pretty good.
Sorry there weren't a ton of adventures this week, but I guess not
every week can be totally crazy. Too bad huh? 

Elder Miller

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