Elder John Miller

Elder John Miller

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 2 In Alaska, Fairbanks

Reporting on the week,

Okay so I just typed out this huge message I was going to send then accidentally deleted it like an idiot. And for that reason I'll condense everything more. 

Tuesday through Thursday we had no success. It was rough.

Friday got a whole lot better. We taught 6 lessons in 1 day. We met a woman named Alina, who's literally a 35 year old version of Meg. She even set up a return appointment, which was crazy cause she totally destroyed us at every approach we tried to take. Then we taught Marvin the second lesson, the Plan of Salvation, and at the end Elder Jesperson turns to me and gives me the look, so I turn to Marvin and I'm like "Marvin, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority?" And then he said yes. So we freaked the freak out. So now he's on date for October 16th which is awesome! But we also have to hand him over to the YSA sisters because he's 24 which is really sad. We've had to give them a couple of investigators. But the systems are in place for a reason.

Saturday was also crazy. We taught a lesson to a rich guy named Charles who has a bunch of Mormon friends, we got a spell put on us by a witch (who's also an inactive member, even better), and we got a gun pulled on us. We knocked on the door of a shop because we were looking for the owner who's less active. He wasn't there, so this guy who works for him totally thinks we're thugs. I hear a gun cock on the other side of the door and start backing away slowly and looking for cover, but Elder Jesperson who didn't hear the gun just yells "it's the missionaries!" The guy opened the door holding a loaded .45 and is like "c'mon in guys" so needless to say, we went in.

Then Sunday was awesome. President Duval, the stake president, spoke in ward conference and it was super powerful.church was great, then we taught four lessons to less active members in one afternoon. We met a family (the Queenos) where the mom was less active, the dad was an aethiest, and the had two young children, who the mom took to church every Sunday that she could. Does that remind you of anyone? We also met an old version of Jake. We walked into his house and all his Dungeons and Dragons stuff was on the table and he was messing around with an Atari. It was awesome.

So the moral of the story is that weeks have highs and lows, and it's easy to be discouraged. But if you smile and try to remain optimistic everything will turn out good in the end. It turned out to be a good week after all.

I'll just buy my winter stuff up here then, that's fine, and easier. I'll also get some sheets for my bed. I have an allotment card yes, but I keep forgetting to activate it so I need to do that. That's what I'll use for food from now on. 

I can't handle the music we have anymore. It's all people playing ukulele and singing renditions of church songs. Only like four of them are any good. Please make me some CDs that have good music on them. Just burn the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and I'll be happy.

Coincidently, I started learning how to play the ukulele. Don't tell Abby. Yes, it's still a stupid instrument. I also started learning how to speak French. So that's fun too.

I hope everything is going good back home. I pray for you guys todos los dias.

The sad things we do when people don't answer the door

I was on exchanges and we found these crazy fur hats at a members house. I'll try and get one to send home, but they're super expensive.

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